Chemspec Formula 90 | Carpet Extraction Detergent

Heavy-duty, highly concentrated, triple-strength carpet cleaning detergent for use with truckmounts or portable extractors. Delivers consistent, powerful cleaning on every job. Certified WoolSafe when diluted at the highest level.


Formula 90 is a general purpose, mildly alkaline, emulsifying detergent. It is an in-tank product and is specially formulated for use on heavily soiled carpet. It is best used in the extraction process after the carpet has been pretreated wiht a traffic lane cleaner.


Formula 90 is particularly useful when cleaning olefin carpets commonly used in commercial spaces.

Chemspec Formula 90 | Carpet Extraction Detergent

SKU: A56265
  • Substance: Liquid

    Dilution: 1:20

    pH: 10.3