Citrus pHire  | Heavy-Duty Powdered Pre-Spray

Citrus pHire is a heavy duty powdered carpet prespray designed for use in the restorative cleaning process. Citrus pHire contains the latest technology in cutting edge surfactants, powdered oxidizers, pH builders, citrus oils and green solvents. Citrus pHire dissolves easily in warm and hot water and starts to work immediately by dissolving grease and oils on contact. Its unique formulary is excellent for the most heavily soiled commercial and residential carpets.

To increase the performance use Newline Emulso extraction detergent, Natural Orange DS, New O2 or Final Rinse.

Citrus pHire | Heavy-Duty Powdered Pre-Spray

SKU: NL220 / NL220-40

    Substance: Powder 

    Dilution: 1:64

    pH: 11-12