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G-Strip  |  High Powered Green Floor Stripper

G-Strip is a low odor and high powered floor stripper that is extremely concentrated. G-Strip quickly liquefies multiple coats of frequently burnished floor finishes in one pass. G-Strip’s concentrated solvent and amine formula saves time and money without the need for harsh chemicals such as potassium or sodium hydroxide. G-Strip is more free rinsing than conventional floor strippers and requires no neutralization. G-Strip is effective when diluted with cold or warm water. G-Strip is certified as safer chemistry by Design For the Environment (DFE) a diversion of the EPA.


Case of 4 Gallons.

G-Strip  |  High Powered Green Floor Stripper

SKU: NL305
  • Substance: Liquid 

    Dilution: 1:10

    pH: N/A

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