Pro’s Choice ODOR-ZYME

Pro’s Choice Odor-Zyme is an amazing enzyme odor killer.  Odor-Zyme is designed to attack organic contamination from urine, feces, spoiled food and more!  As an added bonus, even though Odor-Zyme was designed to remove pet odors you will find that it removes many pet stains as well.


Odor-Zyme is often considered to be the “light” version of Molecular Modifier.  It contains the same powerful enzymatic activity but a lower concentration of the odor modifiers found in Molecular Modifier.  This may prove to be a benefit to customers who have aversions to strong fragrances.

Pro’s Choice ODOR-ZYME

SKU: 2060C
  • Substance: Liquid

    Dilution: RTU

    pH: 8