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Pro's Choice RED 1

Pro’s Choice has done the impossible yet again.  We’ve made Red One even better.  Most kool aid and other synthetic food dye stains now disappear within minutes without the need for heat from an iron or steamer.  Those stains that do require heat no longer need to sit for minutes at a time under a hot iron.  A few seconds of steam heat is all that’s required to go from a stained mess to mission accomplished.


The new and improved Red 1 formulation not only works better and meets VOC  compliance, it also has a new and improved fragrance.  Red 1 removes synthetic food dyes such as Kool Aid, Gatorade and many others.  Red 1 meets all the professionals needs.  Fast acting, best performer.  Good for all wet cleanable fiber types.  Free rinsing.  No residue


Case of 12 Quarts.

Pro's Choice RED 1

SKU: 1075C
  • Substance: Liquid

    Dilution: RTU

    pH: 7



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