Tsunami  |  Powdered Extraction Detergent

Highly concentrated and cost-effective Tsunami is designed to save you time and money from the first scoop!  Tsunami is designed to dissolve easily in either a 1 or 2 step hot water extraction cleaning process.  Extraordinary cleaning strength Tsunami is chemically formulated to outperform all other powdered detergents.  Superior cleaning power and strength results in cleaner carpets in less time and leaves you with a more satisfied customer! Carpets cleaned with Tsunami stay cleaner longer because residue will not attract dirt due to its advanced surfactant technology. Excellent choice for restaurants, commercial building, and homes.  Also safe on 5the generation carpets.

Tsunami | Powdered Extraction Detergent

SKU: NL222

    Substance: Powder 

    Dilution: 1:40

    pH: 9-9.5