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Accelerator |  Color-Safe Oxygen Bleach

Accelerator Premium Detergent Booster has a unique property that increases the cleaning strength of any liquid or powder detergents. Enhances the performance of carpet, upholstery, and wall cleaning detergents to increase their power in removing stains, cleaning, and revitalizing the true color of fibers. Effective over a broad range of temperatures.

Environmentally safe, easy to handle and use, and economical.

Accelerator will lose its effectiveness after 12 hours and should be revitalized by adding additional amounts of Accelerator to the cleaning solution.

Must be mixed with a detergent, do not mix with water only.


Case of 12 Jars.

Accelerator | Color-Safe Oxygen Bleach

SKU: 112102
  • Substance: Powder
    Dilution: 1:256
    pH: 10

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