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Dry Fabric Cleaner |  Pre-Charged Dry Cleaner

Dry Fabric Cleaner is composed of dry cleaning solvents that are pre-charged to dry clean upholstery and drapery.

Pre-charged formula means Dry Fabric Cleaner needs no mixing; it is ready-to-use. Cleaning action begins immediately to penetrate the soiling on upholstery and drapery when dry cleaning is desired. Special solvents dissolve oils and soils without the concerns that accompany wet cleaning. Dry Fabric Cleaner can be used with the hand cleaning method or in an approved solvent cleaning upholstery cleaning machine.


Case of 4 Gallons. 

Dry Fabric Cleaner | Pre-Charged Dry Cleaner

SKU: 164106
  • Substance: Liquid 
    Dilution: RTU
    pH: N/A

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