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DyeSet Cotton |  Sets Fugitive Dyes on Cotton and Rayon

DyeSet For Cotton is a revolutionary product for setting fugitive dyes on wet cleanable textiles such as upholstery and rugs. First, determine what type of fiber you are about to clean. DyeSet For Cotton is for cellulosic fibers that include rayon, cotton, viscous, sisal or any other plant based fiber. If the fabric is a blend of protein and cellulosic fibers it may be necessary to also use DyeSet For Wool.
If dyes have already run from previous cleaning, spills, pet urine, etc. an application of DyeSet For Cotton may set the dye bleed. Do corrective dye stain removal before applying this product. Once dyes have become unstable from urine damage, product performance may not be consistent.


Mix 2 parts of hot water with one part of DyeSet For Cotton. Spray a wetting mist on the textile surface and allow it to dry. Then check for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area using the appropriate cleaning product. Avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaners and prespray. When treating textiles with a pile, be certain the product reaches completely down the yarns by using a carpet rake or brush. If cleaning reversible textiles treat both sides. 

One gallon of ready to use DyeSet will cover about 200 to 300 square feetdepending on the density of the fabric. The product must be re-applied each time the item is wet cleaned.


Case of 4 Gallons. 

DyeSet Cotton | Sets Fugitive Dyes on Cotton and Rayon

SKU: 166206
  • Substance: Liquid
    Dilution: 1:2
    pH: 4

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