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Kleen-Shine | Final Mist Final Detail Enhancer

Use Kleen-Shine Final Mist as the last step of the car detailing process. Just spray on and wipe clean with a towel.  It cleans away dust, light soil, polish residue, and fingerprints to enhance gloss and leave a deep, high shine. Final Mist is also ideal for boosting shine on just-washed vehicles. 

Final Mist contains enough protective ingredients to be considered a spray wax, yet it has the lubricity and cleaning ability of an easy-to-use detail spray. 

  • The detailer's versatile best friend
  • Cleans dust, light soil, and fingerprints
  • Maintains high gloss of painted surfaces
  • Perfect for finishing off a detail job
  • 1 gallon jug


Case of 4 Gallons.

Kleen-Shine | Final Mist Final Detail Enhancer

SKU: KS1094
  • Substance: Liquid 

    Dilution: RTU

    pH: N/A

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