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Oxy Kick  |  Powdered Oxygen Booster

Oxy Kick is a oxygen booster and pH increaser designed to boost your RTU pre-sprays. Oxy Kick is a great addition to your solution for wet cleanable carpet and upholstery.

Oxy Kick will help brighten dull dingy carpets and upholstery. Oxy Kick’s strong oxidization properties help in the deodorization process by breaking down organic matter which is the cause of many odor problems. Oxy Kick is excellent for use on the fringes of oriental rugs. Oxy Kick is great for use on Upholstery and also Browning removal.


Case of 4 Jars.

Oxy Kick | Powdered Oxygen Booster

SKU: NL403
  • Substance: Powder
    Dilution: 1:128
    pH: 9.5-10.5

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